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Telemetry and SCADA Services

Telemetry System Services

ICA's Technicians have extensive experience of installing,  testing and maintaining some of the largest telemetry systems in the UK.    We can provide an online test results database for the client which allows access the live test information of any point on the system.

Additional inputs/outputs or outstations can be added to the majority of telemetry systems,  the workstation graphics can also be edited to provide clear operator information.     

SCADA System Maintenance and Testing

We provide similar services to the Telemetry service above for SCADA systems,  including the mapping the data tables within PLC programs for structured data transfer to SCADA systems.  We also have experience of extending SCADA systems to meet client requirements.

SCADA System Installation

As well as modifying existing systems we can provide complete SCADA systems to provide control room information as required by clients.  This can be interfaced in existing PLC networks or a new network can be created to provide data.


For further information contact info@icauk.com 


Email:  info@icauk.com 


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