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PLC and HMI Training

Organisations that have recently invested in modern automated plants will find that most of their control panels will include a PLC.    It is beneficial for Technicians to have an understanding of PLC systems for the following reasons.

  • If no back up program is obtained and the PLC crashes the plant can be off line for a long period for reprogramming.

  • A first check can be made to see if a fault lies with the PLC, this can assist the fault finding process.

  • The use of the PLC laptop can greatly speed up a plant fault finding process.

  • The PLC program can be modified to make the plant to run more efficiently.

ICA has vast experience of Intelligent ICA Systems with Profibus, Devicenet and Ethernet networks.  We can offer short courses on the design, commissioning and maintenance of your system on request.

The standard courses we offer use following software tools:

Allen Bradley / Rockwell Logix 5, Logix 500, Logix 5000,  RS View 32,  RS View ME,  RS View SE & RS Networks.  

Mitsubishi GX Developer, GX IEC Developer, GX Configurator DP and E Designer.

Others systems on request.

We have available a range of 1 to 5 day sessions for PLC familiarity and Programming for example:

1. Use of the PLC Laptop to Assist Maintenance Technicians

This session will use the Laptop to communicate with PLCs,  The intended participants are likely to be Elec./Instrument Techs and Mech/Elec Techs with computer skills

Session Content (1 Day)

  • Overview of PLCs

  • Programming Tool Connections to PLCs

  • PLC Processor Modes

  • System Maintenance

  • Online Monitoring and Plant Fault Diagnosis

  • Online Monitoring and PLC Fault Diagnosis

  • Program Back Up Procedures

  • Restoring Failed Systems

2. Programming and Maintenance of PLCs and HMIs (2 Days)

The prerequisite of this session is a good understanding of the topics covered in the above course.

Session Content (2 Days)

  • Programming Tool Connections to PLCs

  • Creating a New PLC Program

  • Downloading / Uploading

  • Offline / Online Editing

  • Online Monitoring

  • HMI Programming

  • Advanced Instructions 

  • Networks and Messaging

  • Fault Finding

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