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Energy Efficiency & CHP Design and Commissioning Services

Energy Efficiency

All Organisations need to focus on reducing their carbon footprint,  and the ever increasing energy costs creates an increased need for the effective use of energy.

We can provide the full range of services to achieve energy savings:

  • Monitoring and reporting where the energy is currently used.

  • Critical evaluation of current operation of the plant with regards to energy efficiency.

  • Identification of the operational practices that can be changed to achieve energy savings.

  • Identification of the control system changes that will provide a short payback period.

  • Identification of drives that operate inefficiently.

  • Tariff Management

  • Dynamic Demand Management

  • Implementation control System changes to achieve the savings.

  • Measurement of the savings

Our energy efficiency services are also offered at the design stage for capital projects,  to ensure that whole life costs are optimised.

CHP Plant Design and Commissioning

ICA has extensive experience in the Electrical / ICA design and commissioning of combined heat and power plants.    Projects have included grid synchronized High Voltage (11kV) installations producing up to 10MW.

We also have vast experience in the design and commissioning of combined heat and power plants

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Email:  info@icauk.com 


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