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Authorised Person Course available to meet the requirements of HTM 06-02  - Details

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Electrical Safety Consultancy

ICA provides a wide range of Electrical Safety Consultancy Services,  from developing safe working practices to assisting designers to create electrical control gear assemblies that are safe to operate and maintain.

The key services provided are:

  • Provision of Senior Authorised Persons (SAPs) to control electrical safety construction projects.

  • Support for electrical distribution and control gear CE Marking to the ensure compliance with the Low Voltage Directive.     This can include assembly of all the critical information providing evidence of conformity.

  • Assuring conformance to EN 61439 for installed systems

  • Assisting, designers, end users and purchasers of electrical distribution and control gear to determine the correct *form and design to enable safe operation and maintenance.

  • Design Standards Management for Electrical and ICA Systems

*The form of the system is identified within standards as Form 1 to 4,  in simple terms this can be form 1 where all of the components are in a single 'one box' enclosure, to form 4 where the individual motor starters / feeders are in separate cubicles within an assembly. 

The following table is a summary of  the Electrical Safety Services that we provide, please contact us if you require more details.

Course / Service

1 Day Authorised Person Course.

2 Day Authorised Person and Permit Issuers Course

3 Day Senior Authorised Person Course
4 Day HTM 06-02 Authorised Person Course
On-Site Mentoring for Senior Authorised Persons

1 Day Electrical Safety for Managers

Assessment of Authorised and/or Senior Authorised Persons

Development of Electrical Safety Rules

Operation of clients High Voltage Systems,  subject to adequate information and evidence of maintenance being available. 
Management of High Voltage Maintenance 
Project Management for the Installation of HV Systems
Commissioning of HV Systems
Supply of SAPs for Projects
EN 61439 Assurance
Electrical and ICA System Design Standards Management

For further information contact info@icauk.com


Email:  info@icauk.com 


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