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Electrical Safety for Managers

Our Electrical Safety for Managers Course is designed for candidates who may not have an electrical background or qualifications.   The course objective is to give a good understanding of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (HSR25)

The candidates for this course are typically:

  • Site Managers

  • Contract Managers

  • Any Non-Electricians 

  • Health and Safety Managers

  • Managers of Multifunctional Maintenance Teams

  • Managers within Organisations that Manufacture and Test Electrical Equipment

Time Required: 1 day classroom and on site at your location

Number of Candidates / Session: 4 to12

It is recommended that this course is based at your site thus allowing candidates to experience safe working practices on their equipment within the practical sessions.    An on site meeting room suitable for teaching purposes is necessary for the theory presentation.

The standard course is as follows, although this can be themed to meet client sector requirements.

  • Discussion of Present Working Practices
  • Electricity at Work: Definitions                                                         
  • Electricity at Work: Safe Working Practices
  • Responsibilities 
  • Competence Assessment
  • Test Equipment and Tools
  • Practical Exercise -  Hazard Identification
  • Practical Exercise -  Safe Isolation of Electrical Equipment
  • Live Working Definitions and Precautions 
  • Awareness of the Extra Precautions for High Voltage Work (If applicable)
  • Liaison with regional electricity companies (If applicable)
  • Awareness* of Permit to Work Procedures to include:  
    • Site Safety Agreements 
    • Limitation of Access
    • LV & HV Permit to Work
    • Contractors Competent Person Forms

*This course is for awareness of permit procedures only,  it does not meet the requirements for candidates to be able to issue electrical permits.

For prices and available dates contactinfo@icauk.com

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Email:  info@icauk.com 


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