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We now have Functional Safety Engineers who are certified by TUV Rheinland,  to help develop the requirements for Safety Instrumented Systems

Authorised Person Course available to meet the requirements of HTM 06-02  - Details

See the content of our Authorised Person & Permit Issuer's Course  

Our recent competence certifications:

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ICA Technical Solutions

Design, Installation and Training Services for Electrical Distribution and Process Control Systems

  Electrical Safety Training and Consultancy

ICA offer a wide range of  Electrical Safety Training  for low voltage and high voltage electrical systems.   Our trainers have vast experience gained in a variety of industries, and our courses focus on the practicalities of safely commissioning, operating and maintaining electrical systems.

We also provide electrical Consultancy Services to enable organisations to;  produce electrical safety rules,   develop design standards.

Links to Our Electrical Safety Courses

AP Course  |  SAP Course  |  AP & Permit Issuer Course  |  HTM06-02 Course |  Elec Safety for Managers

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  Instrumentation,  Control and Automation (ICA) Services

We provide services for a range of  ICA systems,  from designing and installing  PLC control systems for individual machines,  to large site wide SCADA systems

We offer Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Training,  Installation, Programming and Maintenance Services,  and have a team of Engineers who have completed many projects utilising the main PLC supplier systems.

We have Functional Safety Engineers certified by TUV Rheinland,  who are available to assist developing the requirements for Safety Instrumented Systems

  Industry 4.0 & ICA Strategy Support

Alongside our technical services we provide strategic support to enable organisations to develop people and processes to maximise the benefits of ICA & Telemetry systems, including the secure deployment interconnected systems to implement an Industry 4.0 strategy.

Our  EICA Procurement specialists an lead or facilitate UK utilities and publicly funded organisations to develop and implement procurement strategies to obtain the best whole life cost solutions and therefore reduce TOTEX.    We are independent of the large, Industry 4.0,  MCC,  ICA and Telemetry suppliers,  therefore we can offer unbiased support for both commercial and capability assessment.



Email:  info@icauk.com 


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